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We are Agenturen Van Der Voort.
a Pressalit Company.

Distributing Pressalit and Mepa in Belgium, Luxemburg and France.

About Us.

Since 1974, Van der Voort Agenturen is active in Belgium, Luxemburg and for Pressalit in France. We represented a limited number of brands situated in the mid-to-high segments of the market where design, quality, marketing and a customer based service are a priority. Our aim is to create reliable long term partnerships due to professionalism, efficiency, strong customer relationships, and a customers friendly service.

On January 20, 2020, Pressalit A/S acquired Van der Voort Agenturen B.V., located in Belgium just outside Antwerp. With the acquisition, we will also start selling Pressalit’s remaining product portfolio, including accessible solutions for bathrooms and kitchens.

We Are Pressalit


The Danish well known brand Pressalit is represented by our company since 1974. Pressalit itself was established in 1954. Today, Pressalit A/S is one of the leading European manufacturers of toilet seats. And since 1975, Pressalit has also been developing accessible bathrooms and height-adjustable kitchens for people with reduced mobility. This has made Pressalit one of the world’s leading manufacturers of premium bathroom solutions. High quality, flawless design and reliable functionality are the core features of our wide range of products.

Pressalit’s mission is to add aesthetics and functions to the bathroom and by that to the end-user’s everyday life.This line extension strategy will be continued. In pursuing the “Global Brand Leader” vision, it is important to make the Pressalit brand even more interesting – to the trade by offering new business opportunities in the form of new, innovative products and professionnal sales support and to consumers by focusing on the entire bathroom rather than the seat alone.


Since 1982, the German company MepaPauli und Menden is part of our portfolio. Since more then 50 years, Mepa stands for producing technical sanitary products like specialized articles for installations of bathtubs, shower trays, before the wall constructions and electronic equipments like taps and flush systems. Detailed product information at

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